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About Us

Kielo International School is a private educational establishment which started in August 2015. At Kielo International School we have a child centred approach to learning. Our primary aim is to identify and appreciate the unique potential of every student…

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mission & vision

Our mission is to provide high quality education within an international, inquiring and supportive environment. We seek to inspire students and provide them with the necessary skills to fulfill their potential as responsible global citizen. At Kielo we are committed to creating and…

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Admission & fees

The school year at Kielo International School begins during the second week of August. The school also accepts 1st and 2nd grade applicants throughout the year provided the school has places available and the students meet the entry requirements. The process of applying for the school: Fill in …

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Kielo’s values and activities are not just about academic achievements, but also students’ welfare and education towards active community members. Student voice is seen as a key contributor to preparing students for adulthood and life beyond school. We cherish the opinion and input of our…

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