About Us

Kielo International School is a private educational establishment which started in August 2015. The school is located in Malmi, Helsinki and is easily accessible by public transportation. The language of instruction at the school is English and the students learn Finnish as a second language (S2). Students are not required to know English prior to enrolling at the school. Kielo School provides primary school education (grades 1-6), and currently accepts 1-4 grade students.

Kielo school complies to the Finnish basic education legislation and the national curriculum, and follows the national standards and distribution of lesson hours. The school also operates in collaboration with the local educational department of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Consequently, officers from the mentioned department evaluate the educational outcomes and objectives of Kielo school. Similarly the school collaborates with the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.

At Kielo International School we have a child centred approach to learning. Our primary aim is to identify and appreciate the unique potential of every student. Students receive an excellent education from dedicated and qualified teachers. Our aim is to develop qualities within our students that will equip them to face life’s challenges in a positive manner. In addition to our broad curriculum, students can enjoy a fabulous range of activities that keep them active, inspired and motivated throughout the year. We pride ourselves in enabling our students to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens.

The students at Kielo come from various countries and cultures, and the school welcomes children of all backgrounds. We cherish diversity and encourage our students to learn from each other. At the moment the school has students from 14 different countries.

At Kielo our activities do not just provide our students with academic achievements, but also encourage the students to become active and responsible members of society. We view our students’ ideas, opinions and questions as a key part of preparing students for adulthood and life outside school. We cherish the opinion and input of parents as we continue to develop and create the best learning environment possible for our students.