Admission and Fees

1. Admission

The school year at Kielo International School begins during the second week of August. The school accepts 1st – 5th-grade applicants throughout the year provided the school has places available and the students meet the entry requirements.

The process of applying for the school is the following:

  1. Fill in the  Level Assessment Form and e-mail it to info@kieloschool.fi. Following this, you will receive a confirmation message stating that you have received a place for the level assessment.

2. Pay the first payment of 1000€ which includes the registration fee. This confirms your place in the school.

3. Sign the school contract.


1. April 8, 2018 12noon – 3pm
2. May 19, 2018 12noon – 3pm
3. July 10, 2018 12noon – 3pm
4. August 11, 2018 12noon – 3pm

The level assessment is held at Kielo School (Vanha Helsingintie 2) in Helsinki. You will receive further information on the assessment after submitting the level assessment form.

2. Tuition fees

Kielo International School is a private school operating on the basis of tuition fees. The yearly school fee is 6300 € which also includes VAT. The school fee includes books, educational material, as well as school lunch. However, the school fee does not include the trips.  The first payment of 1000€ includes registration and is non-refundable. The deadline for the registration/first payment is 31.05.2018. Furthermore, applications submitted after 31st of May will be considered according to the places available at the school.

The school fee is to be paid either in 4 or 10 installments :

4 instalments

1st payment/Registration 1000 euros When registering 
2nd Payment 1800 euros 31st of August 2018
3rd Payment 1750 euros 30th of November 2018
4th Payment 1750 euros 28th of February 2019


10 instalments

1st payment/Registration 1000 euros When registering
2nd Payment 590 euros 31st of August 2018
3rd Payment 590 euros 30th of September 2018
4th payment 590 euros 31st of October 2018
5th Payment 590 euros 30th of November 2018
6th Payment 590 euros 30th of December 2018
7th Payment 590 euros 31st of January 2019
8th Payment 590 euros 28th of February 2019
9th Payment 590 euros 31st of March 2019
10 Payment 580 euros 30th of April 2019